The role and impact of bot groups highlighted at RoboBusiness 2022

The role and impact of bot groups highlighted at RoboBusiness 2022

At RoboBusiness 2022, to be held October 19-20 in Santa Clara, California, a panel of representatives from leading robotics groups will describe the many ways groups are promoting young robotics companies, helping mature companies, and supporting their local communities.

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It is well documented that robotics groups, local, regional robotics groups, enthusiast investors, universities, research institutions and other supporting organizations act as facilitators and accelerators for robot innovation, new business formation, job creation and regional wealth generation.

in RoboBusiness 2022to be held October 19-20 in Santa Clara, California, a panel of representatives from leading robotics groups will describe how the groups support robotics companies and robotics communities, and in turn, business opportunities.

For companies developing robotics solutions, as well as individual engineers, awareness and understanding of the huge role that robotics groups play in the growth of the robotics sector in general, particularly in terms of business planning and partnership opportunities, is critical. Topics covered in the panel include:

  • global robotics groups
  • Mass as Engines of Innovation
  • Groups as startup facilitators
  • Partnership with bot groups
  • Conclusions and recommendations

At the time of publication, the onboard amplifiers include:

  • Andra Key, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics
  • Joel Reed, CEO of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network
  • Joyce Seidopoulos, co-founder and chief operating officer of MassRobotics

You can view a file The full RoboBusiness agenda is here.

US Alliance of Robotics Groups
Earlier in 2022, these three pioneering robotic groups appeared Formed the United States Alliance of Robotics Groups (USARC). USARC supports the development, commercialization, and scaling of robotics for the global good by collaborating with government and industry stakeholders. The organization will develop and advance US robotics mandates. The panel at RoboBusiness will also provide insights and updates on USARC.

About RoboBusiness
RoboBusiness will feature more than 100 exhibitors, over 50 speakers, a startup workshopThe Pitchfire Startup Contestreceptions, networking, and more. Full conference passes cost $795, while exhibition tickets only cost $75. Academic discounts are available and full academic conference prices are $295. Register today over here.

joint events
RoboBusiness will be placed in the same location with Field Robotics Engineering Forum, an international conference and exhibition designed to provide engineers, engineering management, business professionals and others with information on how to develop and safely deploy the next generation of field robotic systems for operation in dynamic large-scale and outdoor environments. You can check the current list of speakers, to which more will be added, over here.

There is also a co-location with RoboBusiness Western DeviceTalks, the premier industry event for medical technologists, is currently in its ninth year. Both events attract engineering and business professionals from a wide range of healthcare and medical technology backgrounds.

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