The winners have been announced for the best eco-friendly Christmas trees in the Seychelles

The winners have been announced for the best eco-friendly Christmas trees in the Seychelles

Port Glaud won first prize with the theme “Fishermen” and its recycled tree consists of fish traps set on a bamboo frame. (Racine Vanier, Seychelles News Agency)

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the Recycled Christmas tree The Port Glaud team won the title of Best Decorated Area in the annual Seychelles Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Do-It-Yourself competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and the Environment.

Launched in November 2020, the competition aims to encourage people to use things they have discarded and create aesthetically pleasing Christmas trees.

Launched earlier this year, this contest is open to schools, households, counties, the private sector, and civil society.

Port Glaud won first prize with a ‘fishermen’ theme and its recycled tree consists of fish traps set on a bamboo structure and decorated with floats and other fishing gear, including Christmas lights. It is located next to the District Police Station in honor of Port Glaud’s artisanal fishermen.

“We have many artisanal fishermen who live in our area, and we brought them on board for our creation,” said Daniela Pepe, who formed part of the group behind the ornament.

Last year’s winner, Anse Etoile, was second and third was Baie Sainte-Anne Praslin.

As prizes, Port Glaud won a coco de mer shield sponsored by the Ministry, a cash prize of SCR8000 ($593) sponsored by Cable and Wireless Seychelles (CWS) and a 4-in-1 brush cutter sponsored by Seychelles Breweries Ltd.

Anse Etoile and Baie St Anne received a CWS-sponsored SCR 5000 ($371) and SCR3000 ($222) high-water pressure cleaner and hedge trimmer from Seychelles Breweries, respectively.

In the “Other Businesses and Establishments” category, the winner was the Anglican Church in Grand Anse Praslin.

While he always decorates his church in Grand Anse Praslin, this year the Rev. Simon Fried said they decided to enter the competition and “it was a community effort of about two months to complete the decorations.”

The winner in the Schools category was Al Muthabara High School and Carol Charles, the school’s Head of ICT and Art, said they came out to win first place which they won two years ago when the competition was launched.

Perseverance High School won the School category. Photo license (Seychelles): CC-BY

The Christmas tree at Perseverance School consists of wooden platforms painted green and decorated with Christmas lights, old shoes and kitchen utensils among other unused items from homes, with live plants and animals such as chickens underneath.

Natacha Joubert from Pointe-l’Rue won first prize for her Christmas tree in the “Home” category. Her Christmas tree is made of coconut broomsticks decorated with yogurt boxes, ribbons, and Christmas lights.

At the awards ceremony, organizing committee member Janet LaRue told reporters that “Although we’ve had to fight for interest in the World Cup in progress, we’ve seen an improvement in the quality of entries this year.”

She said the awards given included practical items for people’s daily use in addition to cash prizes and shields.

“We’re also looking forward to introducing a category next year where people can make decorations to use on Christmas trees,” said LaRue.

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