These home inspections show that fixing your own plumbing is something you don't do on your own

These home inspections show that fixing your own plumbing is something you don’t do on your own

Plumbing is one of the “5 biggest” areas of the home, along with electricity, ceilings, foundations, and air conditioning. These are the main home systems that you should learn about as a homeowner and when buying a home, so you can plan for future costs.

As home inspectors, we find that plumbing with the mean big brother Electricity, is the area where people are most likely to do it yourself. We also find that this is almost always wrong. (As does your best friend Harry, who has a brother, Larry, who knows a lot about plumbing.)

So, here are some of the plumbing malfunctions we’ve found in the field.

Two failures for the price of one

In this video, Inspector Lewis finds two improper items under the sink in the bathroom. First, there is a file Beltinstead of trap, which is a violation of the law in all 50 states. This is because the S Trap will absorb water from the trap, which will end up releasing methane gases (sewage) into the home. So, it’s a code violation (which is dangerous and smells great), and if you’re doing a refactor, you’ll have to replace it.

Next, black pipe is ABS pipe, which was used in the 1960s and 1970s, but is no longer approved for use in homes because it’s not as durable as previously thought, and contains BPAs, which are illegal in some areas. Although this house is old, the S trap looks brand new, so whoever chose it has done it since the time they should have known better. Getting to know ABS pipes is perhaps more nebulous, but it’s another reason to leave plumbing to the pros. # fail.

dam is cheap

In this illuminating video, Inspector Tracy shows some water damage through the magic of thermal imaging. Back story: There is a bathroom on the second floor with a leaky shower. The home plumber fixed the leaking faucet, but neglected to re-seal the shower itself so water that was going into the floor/ceiling was coming from under the shower. #fail


“Whoever did this should be ashamed.”

Listen, I can’t always spot all the different outlets and piles and things that are sticking out of my ceiling, as I work with home inspectors. The average homeowner will probably look at this plumbing hole and think this looks good. Whoever did this should be ashamed, said Inspector Alex.

So for those of us who aren’t plumbers, including the guy who did this: The opening of a PVC pipe is supposed to be coated with a layer of UV rays to keep it from unraveling in the sun, and that caulk tape around the base? This is an electrical tape. which will not be an approved material for the job and will be subject to leakage. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #failed

“This is literally always wrong”

Now this person will not kill anyone, and it is not illegal, but stay with me because you may learn something new.

For sinks that don’t have access to external vents (like the one above), you need an under-sink vent like the one in this video. It’s called an AAV vent. And apparently, everyone is proving it wrong. I’m sure it’s causing some ire with Inspector Cody because he made some videos about this issue.

So that hole keeps the water flowing smoothly, keeps gurgling noises from happening, and methane from backing up — it kind of helps the P-trap do its job. It is very important to Inspector Cody (and to the building code) that it is not installed lower than the tank floor. 😁 #failed

Now go under the sink to see if you have an AAV vent, and if it’s installed correctly, post a picture! Inspector Cody would be very happy.

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