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This DIY Pokemon Scarlet & Violet story provides the freedom you’ve always wanted

I haven’t beaten a single team in a star base Pokemon Violet, even though it’s been almost 20 hours since the match started. I’ll be honest, it looks boring. Our editor-in-chief I wondered why it was added When it was first announced, I’m still wondering too. Outposts far away? you are fine.

I’ll probably get over them at some point to satisfy the compliment in me, but I’d be seriously surprised if I enjoyed it. The good thing is that I don’t have to suffer them if I don’t want to. I could literally do anything else. My first port of the game was to take on Titan, after which I just walked around for about five hours, seeing the sights of Baldia and exploring its open world despite it being embarrassingly uneven in some areas.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are not good games. I haven’t come across any of the silly bugs circulating on social media, but games have Still not working properly. The frame rate is terrible – so much so that it affects my enjoyment, which is rare. NPCs walk like they’re at a standstill, and that windmill in Artazon stuttered so much that I was surprised the sails didn’t fall completely.

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Even if they perform perfectly in 4K at 120fps in unprecedented Switch hardware usage, I’m not convinced Scarlet & Violet will be good games. The world is pretty empty (and not in a good, meaningful way, same way), the fights stay pretty easy, and the gym challenges are pretty abysmal. On the other hand, I can do whatever I want.

Like I mentioned before, instead of taking a Team Star or getting my gym badges like I would in any other Pokemon game, I just found out. I tried to catch some Pokemon that I couldn’t control, lost a few nice and well-rounded members of my party due to my arrogance, and carefully scurried around opponents with teams far superior to mine. I couldn’t explore Everywhere Thanks to Miraidon not being able to hit all of its power yet, but I think I covered 90 percent of Paldea before I beat a couple of gyms.

After that, I fought the Titans until they were too strong, and then I defeated the Gym until I was strong enough to beat the Titans who defeated me earlier. I bounced between the two, quite my journey, choosing my way through Paldea purely through sentiment rather than following restrictive routes or pre-planned story beats. And I still haven’t touched any of the Team Star rules.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet DIY Sunset Story

On some level, I think I would enjoy any Pokemon game. It went spoiler-free in the run-up to Scarlet & Violet, and it continues to stumble upon a host of new monsters, most of which have great designs and fun descriptions, like no other. There’s definitely some nostalgia, but Pokemon often has an air of “Pokemonness” that other RPGs just can’t beat. I also love this in Violet, and the fact that I can stumble through this diverse list of monsters without being held back by Team Star rules, Psyduck-restricted areas, or Gyms is nice.

It’s the same feeling I was exploring for the first time. Now, I know the territory like the back of my hand, and the on-road system feels restrictive. Oh me You have To go to Azalea City? What if I don’t want to see Kurt and his stupid apricot? Scarlet & Violet eschews this ancient Pokemon formula like no other Pokemon game out there before – not even Legends: Arceus. Now, like never before, I’m a real explorer doing real exploration and Paldea is making me feel ten again.

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