Tinkerer shows off an impressive Pinball locker made for the Nintendo Switch (video)

Tinkerer shows off an impressive Pinball locker made for the Nintendo Switch (video)

Well, here’s a great project if you have a lot of free time and the skills to make it happen: Twitter user Guet (@Anthony70101968) shared a video of a “pincab” (Pinball Cabinet) working with the Nintendo Switch.

In the video, Guet is seen anchoring his switch to the top of his modified Pinball machine (where he plugged the Switch dock), then playing pinball Pinball FX 3 using actual pinball buttons. It’s fairly easy to understand how this works in theory, but the result is great!

What is pincap?

I like this definition of Pinscape:

Someone must have been fiddling with the pinball software on their desktop computer and wondered what it would be like to flip the screen aside, to make the layout more like the proportions of a real pinball table. Then they thought of laying it flat, so they could stand on top of it like a real pinball court. Then how about switching to a large flat screen TV the same overall size as a real pinball table? The final touch was to place the large TV inside an old cabinet salvaged from real worn out pinball, right where the stadium used to go, for a full life size experience.

At its simplest, this pretty much sums up a virtual taxi. You can use a Windows PC, install Visual Pinball and/or other pinball simulation software, attach a 40-band TV as the primary display, and place the TV inside the pinball cabinet chassis where the pitch would normally go. Put another TV in the back box to display the back artwork. Connect some of the speakers in the back box to your computer sound card, and you’ll get the full audio/visual simulation.

Nintendo Switch for PinkCap

So, in essence, a pincab is a computer (Windows, Raspberry Pi, etc…) that runs some pinball game, plugged into a large screen, inserted into a pinball locker, and connected to the actual locker buttons to simulate a game Old school pinball machine. fair enough.

What’s new that user Guet has brought here is that he uses a Nintendo Switch instead of a computer. The dock allows it to easily take out the Switch as needed, which is not only great, but also allows costs to be reduced by not having to use a full-time PC for gaming. Yes, switch-based pincabs can be found elsewhere, but they are usually “mini” versions, and they don’t have a great effect on this.

Connecting the dock to an HDMI display inside the device seems simple enough. I would of course be interested to see the schematics for the console. For the people who mentioned that he doesn’t use the left trigger when viewing the game: Explain that he can’t play properly while holding the phone to capture the video.

Since the first video, Guet has posted more photos and videos of him in action. In another video posted today, he is shown showing that the Joycons device is still working (of course) with the device plugged in.

Screenshots don’t do this job any justice. Watch the videos to see her in action!

We can only hope he’ll post some details on how he did it for people interested in repeating it. You can head over to the source for more.

source: Get on Twitter

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