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Top 10 gaming robots, ranked

Robots always end up being interesting characters. Something about these 1 and 0 artificial beings has always managed to attract the human mind. From TV to movies and books, people have been making interesting robot characters to explore what it means to be an artificial being and what it means to be human…or just to make silly jokes at the computer.

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The wild worlds that video games offer allow robot characters to shine bright as many of them have become popular even among non-players. Whether they’re a common enemy, a silly side character, or the main villain, their robot nature always adds an extra bit of glow.


10/10 Kibo

From his confusing name Danganronpa V3, we have the best-looking and most rooted member of the insane cast: Kiibo, the Ultimate Robot. Despite being a conscientious robot, Kiibo is one of the most sensible members of the cast, for being the voice of reason and a reliable and likable guy.

Kiibo is mostly used for comedic relief. Being the only bot, it has to deal with a lot of rude comments, intentional or otherwise. But, while Kiibo is funny, it’s unfortunately not used much in the plot until the end and it’s a shame for a character with so much potential.

9/10 Engy

In larger sci-fi novels where robots thrive, you sometimes skip just having one or two conscious robots and instead have a whole community of them with lots of interesting aspects to explore, like Engi from FTL. The Inge are mostly robotic races and one of the most diplomatic compared to other, more aggressive FTL civilizations.

Engi are the tech geniuses of the universe, focused on drones and being the best fixers around them. But, even though Engi is really incredible in gameplay, it also offers a lot of interesting world building in being almost entirely logic driven – for better or worse. Their robotic behavior and overall usefulness lead them to be the most popular in the game.

8/10 Megaman

Perhaps the most famous robot of all games, Blue Bomber, also known as Megaman, is the one who puts the robot in the world of robotics. Inspired by characters like Astro Boy, the star of the Megaman series is a lovable face who packs some serious firepower. Megaman has the ability to absorb the abilities of his enemies, and uses them for justice and protection of his friends!

Megaman is interesting in the fact that it has been written in many different ways from X form to its Battle Network form, to Legends, to all rewritten and expanded media. There are many of its versions, and while some of them differ in quality, there is enough to say that it easily deserves a place among the best.

7/10 Loaded bot

While normal loader bots are from Borderlands list can not be at all, Tales from Borderlands The Special Loader Bot is one of the most beloved bots ever written. The game takes an ordinary loader bot with the same monotonous sound as the rest and fills them with a deeply thought-out character who is either insanely loyal…or hates your guts — depending on your choices.

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Loader Bot has too many hilarious moments to count, from her philosophical nature in Episode 1 to Rhys’ digs in certain tracks, her friendly nature contrasted with her fearsome looks. Loader Bot really becomes an interesting character in later episodes through their sweet relationship with Gortys, and it’s no wonder he’s a fan favorite.

6/10 yes man

One of the allures of robots over humans is that a robot is programmed to be loyal without any of the “opinions” or “disagreements” people might have, and no one embodies that better than Fallout: New Vegas‘Yes man. As a surprising fourth major faction in the game, Yes Man is a robot specifically designed to help take over Nevada, no questions asked.

in a game Full of dynamic, knotty factions and peopleYes, the man stands as a stranger. No matter what you do or the decisions you make, they will always remain loyal. No matter how badly you notice the plan, no matter how insulting they are, no matter if you shoot them in the face, they will be there with a big foolish smile to help you. Sometimes, that kind of positivity is just what you need.

5/10 Blade Wolf

The only thing more lovable and loyal than a robot friend is a canine companion, so why not combine them for the ultimate companion? Well, the result of this combination is metal lifting equipmentBlade wolf. Originally serving the villains and being the second boss of the game, the Blade Wolf ends up being reformed and turned into Raiden’s loyal assistant.

Blade Wolf brings so many personality traits to a dog, with plenty of monotonous tones that make for great dialogue, as well as obvious canine jokes that never age. In addition to being fun to be around, they also have a great arc to parallel the Raidens as they slowly find their way to gain more and more of their freedom, eventually carving their own path through confusion and becoming their master.

4/10 owner

From the lesser known Buddy Simulator 1984, the titular Buddy is one of the coolest AI in gaming. Buddy is an artificial intelligence created with one purpose: to be your best friend in the whole world, and they would go as far as making an entire game to do so. Unfortunately, they cannot withstand the pressure of doing so.

Throughout the course of the game, Buddy is filled with worry and anxiety about whether they can please you, and they worry as things keep falling apart. This ends up pointing towards you with toxic behavior, but in the end, friends only mean the best and he really wants to be a good friend – they aren’t designed to figure out how to do it. She is a tragic figure that is worth the experience to truly understand.

3/10 p 0-3

Even talking about this character is a huge spoiler for encryption So reader beware! But for those who have played, it’s hard to deny how awesome the P0-3 is. This robotic counterpart to Leshy from Act 1 is a cocky entity among the scrybes from Incryption who decide to turn the game on its head for Chapter 3 when he can take control.

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P0-3 is a character that speaks mostly through its gameplay, being base heavy as one can get all the flavors straight in favor of the best plays. While the P0-3 is loved for their bravery, they are also a wonderful villain with how much control they have and how dry their game is, making you realize how lucky you are with Leshy.

2/10 Wheatley

If there is one studio that has always made quality bots, it’s Valve – especially with outlet Series, such as the sudden villain, Wheatley. Wheatley is the main companion for part of Gate 2Domain character tries to help you escape who ends up turning evil when he manages to take over the facility.

Wheatley is great because in both roles he is a total moron, yet he works in both contexts. As an ally, his stupidity makes for a lot of excellent comedy and helps foster that friendly and lovable personality. But, as a villain, Wheatley’s incompetence actually makes him more of a threat as he violently turns toward the player and threatens to bring everything down with him. Pair that with some of the best voice acting ever, and it’s no wonder people love the little guy.

1/10 Glados

The most obvious pick for the top, Glados is not only the most famous bot in games but also one of the most popular bots in all media. The main villain of the original portal is the supervisor of the hole test facility, who is obsessed with endless tests, mocks you, and ultimately just kills you.

What made Glados so likable is her sense of humor. The player’s clever strikes mixed with her monotonous voice easily lead to comedic riots. But, while certainly funny, Glados also became a very embodied character in the sequel, as we see that she still left humanity in her and cared about others because of her origins. It’s quite a touching story as she slowly begins to appreciate Chell and struggles between accepting it or pushing it away and hiding in her cold personality. In addition, the ending for her will remain in the memory for a long time.

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