Top 5 robots on display at GITEX 2022

Top 5 robots on display at GITEX 2022

GITEX 2022 is full of innovation and new technology, including a range of robots for use on an industrial scale.

While some have taken on a more human form, others are built with service in mind and taking manual labor out of menial tasks.

Here are the top five robots to look out for during the five-day fair that runs through Friday at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Swiss-Mile Surveillance Robot

This four-legged friend can withstand even the most rugged terrain at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour.

It can stand on two legs in a human position and can be used commercially for surveillance in large-scale building inspections, or search and rescue.

It can carry up to 100kg and can be used for last mile delivery. It is also water-resistant to a depth of 1 meter with a battery life of 10 hours. The cost of the robot is about $200,000.

“It’s ideal for a situation where you don’t want to send a human, like a building on fire or unstable,” said Marco Pelonic, of Zurich-based Swiss-Mile.

“We’re working on autonomy so it can go up anywhere and go from A to B without telling us where it’s going.”

Good luck robot from Dewa

Similar to the Swiss Mile robot, Dewa uses four-legged Spot Robots to detect faults and test connection points for high-voltage cables.

It can also be used safely to detect leaks in water pipes, conduct security monitoring patrols and ensure that construction work is aligned in hard-to-reach areas.

Specifications included multi-angle cameras.

Ameca humanoid

Described as the platform of the future, Ameca is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot and represents the forefront of humanoid robotics technology.

On display at Etisalat at GITEX, the android device is specifically designed as a platform for development in future robotics technology.

Ameca is the ideal platform for humans to interact between human and robot and imitate human responses, using artificial intelligence for learning.

Ottobot by Ottonomy

This delivery robot has proven successful at airports in Cincinnati and Rome, serving duty-free food to waiting passengers.

Businesses can rent delivery robots with a subscription and custom build them to add cooling or heating to keep food and drinks at the desired temperature.

Fully autonomous robots can deliver groceries and packages to the curb, last mile, and even indoor environments.

BHS technology robotic microscope

A specially developed Head-Mount Display (HMD) allows the surgeon to interact with a robotic arm holding a microscope to allow greater accuracy and speed during complex surgery.

RoboticScope and HMD both detect the surgeon’s head gestures and control the robot’s camera accordingly.

The surgeon has two small digital monitors in front of their eyes, which provide a real-time 3D image of the operating field, while sensors in the HMD interpret the surgeons’ head movements; The robotic arm and camera head then perform the corresponding movements with high accuracy.

It speeds up surgery and allows for a better patient and physician experience.

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