Top 5 Step-by-Step Ideas for Scary Halloween Decorations This Year

Top 5 Step-by-Step Ideas for Scary Halloween Decorations This Year

Eid al-Fitr 2022: Halloween is only four days away, and if you still need to catch up on the festive decorations, here’s a quick guide on some spooky Halloween decorative items. Keep the festive spirit alive and blossoming as Halloween festivities approach. Soon the kids will come out your door for a “trick or treat”. If you’re having a great Halloween party, these decoration ideas might come in handy. The best thing about them is that they are completely DIY! Try them here!

Top 5 Halloween decorating ideas step by step:

1. Creepy Cat Pumpkin

Scary Black Pumpkin Cats for this spooky Halloween party. (PC: Pinterest)

Step 1: Look for the more exotic pumpkins that look like a lazy cat spread, one for the head, one for the body and also an option for legs and tail. Cut the top off a small squash and scoop the inside to clean it. Place it upside down on the base of the pumpkin. If necessary, drill the hole a little to set it. Cut out the eyes.

Step 2: Cut pointed ears out of cardboard. Carve two shallow grooves in the head to hold the ears. For a more realistic look, carve crescent-shaped grooves.

The fourth step: Stuff the head with loosely crumpled newspaper. Cover the squash and cucumbers with one or two thin layers of black spray paint. Allow it to dry. Remove the padding and insert the ears.

Fifth step: Put a short tea light on the lid. Stick to the top of a large pumpkin with a small ball of polymer clay or sticker paste. Attach the head. Position the cat and arrange the tail and paws next to the body. The scary cat pumpkin is ready. You can read the detailed guide here.

2. Rustic Halloween Sign

Top 5 DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Rural Halloween banner. (PC: Pinterest)

Step 1: Start with random pieces of scrap wood, nails, wood glue and a hammer. Make sure the long boards were the same length – 31 inches long. Cut a small 1 x 3 board into three pieces to attach the front boards with glue and attach them to the top board that is 1 x 4, the last 1 x 8 board should be added in the same way.

Step 2: Print the word Halloween on contact paper and cut it out to use as a stencil. Add a thick layer of black paint and peel it off immediately.

Step 3: To add the letter “O” in Halloween, use a flying witch symbol taken from the dingbat font. It’s free on Google.

The fourth step: Get some old chains, spray black paint on them, and bend some nails onto the board and fold down to secure the chains. The DIY Halloween sign board is finished.

3. Halloween lanterns with jars

Top 5 DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Lighten up the dark sky with black jar Halloween lanterns. (PC: Pinterest)

Step 1: Start with a mason jar that has at least one smooth side without a pattern. Add a strip of masking tape to the smooth side.

Step 2: Print awesome scary skulls freely available online and paste them on the jar. Then use a hand knife to go around the outer edge of the skull as well as the eyes and nose in the middle. Make sure to cut out the paper template as well as the masking tape. Do any inner parts like the eye first and then do the outer parts.

Step 3: Remove the pieces you cut and leave a skull shape on your mason jar. Repeat with as many jars as you like.

The fourth step: Then spray paint the jars black. Allow it to dry and then go over the top with purple haze color changing paint. Leave it to dry before continuing.

Fifth step: Use your craft knife to help you get the masking tape and raise the shape of the skull.

Sixth step: Put out a candle and the Halloween lanterns are complete!

4. Halloween potion tractor

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is incomplete without witches’ potion bottles. (PC: Pinterest)

Step 1: Look for some old bottles of different shapes and sizes that are usually found at your local flea market or market. Then print some cool labels for your potion jars.

Step 2: To create the mottled brown look of old paper for your posters, use the classic tea staining technique. Use the wet, bad tea to stain the paper. Cut out the stickers, and smooth the edges by pinning the paper to the candle flame. It will wrinkle and turn brown nicely.

Step 3: Glue the finished dose labels to your glass jars using a hot glue gun.

The fourth step: Fill your DIY potion bottles with a mixture of different liquids and solids to make totally spooky and fun Halloween decorations. Use food and water colours.

5. Eyeball flowers

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

For the perfect spooky look, add some eyeball flowers. (PC: Pinterest)

Step 1: Cut off the top of the water bottle.

Step 2: Cut the bottle into four equal petals and bend.

Step 3: Trim the straight edges of the petals into curved edges to simulate flower petals.

The fourth step: Paint the water bottle flowers with red acrylic paint or red spray paint. Paint in two coats if necessary and let it dry.

Fifth step: Cut the petals from one flower from the painted flower and paste it on a different flower to give it a more complete look, turning it into an eight-petaled flower.

Sixth step: Brush the flower with black acrylic paint. To dry the brush, use a clean brush, dip it in a small amount of paint and wipe most of it onto a piece of paper. Paint the remaining paint on the flowers around the center and edges of the petals to give them an antique look.

Seventh step: Using permanent markers, draw the iris, pupil, and red veins on the styrofoam ball. Use the bottle cap to catch the ball by drawing the eye. Using a hot glue gun, attach the eyeballs to the center of the flowers.

Eighth step: Glue skewers to the back of the eyeball flowers and arrange them in a vase. Decorative black painted branches, black leaves, and red roses can be added to your Halloween centerpiece to enhance the dramatic, spooky display.

Now that you’ve got some cool Halloween ideas, come up with some of your own and have fun!

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