Top ten AI-generated photo articles of 2022

Top ten AI-generated photo articles of 2022

It’s that time of year, my friends. We fill up on eggnog, turkey, and Christmas pudding (or RakejaAnd the SarmaAnd the vanilla Here in Serbia), doing last-minute shopping, and arguing with family at the dinner table. But other than that, we’re also summing up the year soon after us. And here at DIYP, we’re taking a look back at our favorite posts from the past year.

2022 was also a huge year for AI technology. This does not only include Text to image generators And theirs Wide availability —but everything that people have created with them, plus some potential problems that AI-generated content might bring. We cannot deny that the world of art is changing with the arrival of software based on artificial intelligence. It seems to me that they are here to stay, especially after so much news and stories that we’ve seen in 2022 in this area. Therefore, we decided to dedicate this summary to the top ten AI-related stories of the year that will end soon.

1. Describe a scene to this AI and it will generate an image

The creator of TTE was DALL-E released In April 2022, it blows our minds with its capabilities. It wasn’t long before he became Available to everyone to play with, and even for developers to include its API in their applications. It also made possible Expand the images beyond their borders… And Adobe soon introduced a similar tool that could Uncrop your photos.

Expanding the boundaries of Vincent van Gogh sunflower using DALL-E

2. The death of creativity: AI-generated image wins fine art competition

When Jason Allen Won in the Digital Art/Digital Photography category For a fine arts competition, he made the art community furious. Midjourney used to create it, which caused outrage among illustrators, illustrators and photographers. But you can see this win as an experiment that teaches us how much change and how quickly the art world is changing.

3. This “mind reading” technique turns your thoughts into images

Not only can AI read your words — it can Read your thoughts (cue the dramatic music)! Researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands have developed and demonstrated a technology that turns your thoughts into photographs. Scientifically speaking, it reads your brain wavesand does so with creepy, impressive precision.


4. Disney creates an AI that changes actors’ ages in seconds

Software based on artificial intelligence will certainly make some processes faster and cheaper in the movie industry, and Disney is an excellent example. The company’s AI researchers developed it Makes actors appear younger or older in seconds. It could spark a debate about whether we’ll need CGI at all in the future… or even real actors? But for now, I think Disney will come up with more sequels, sequels, and spin-offs of Star Wars and other films and shows.

5. CANVA software now allows you to use the AI ​​generator to convert text into an image directly in the editor

Part of making text-to-image generators available to a wide audience is to add them to software used by the same broad audience. And Canva, in my opinion, is an excellent example. The company has integrated an artificial intelligence generator and Released in November – just in time to make some seriously damn holiday cards. I have enjoyed very much!

6. The popular AI app LENSA opens the door to unusual nudes for both kids and adults

Artificial intelligence certainly has a topic of discussion this year, both technically and ethically. Like every technology it has its advantages and disadvantages. for photographers, Some AI-based tools are sent from the sky. For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used Adobe Smart Selections Photo shop And the lightroom since its launch. Also, there are some AI-generated artworks that are just that surprising. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence can replace some creative jobs Ahead, and there could be some ethical concerns too: sexual imagery, non-sensual nudes, child abuse content…we discussed it all in this article.

7. A website that sells AI nudes to non-existent women. Why (not) well?

While we’re on the bad side of AI-generated images, one of the most popular ones is creating nudes. there now A website that sells such “pictures” of non-existent women, which is as strange as it is disturbing. Again, we discussed the good and bad sides of something like this and honestly, in this case, I mainly see the bad sides.

8. CREEPY AI Recreates your image based on your voice only

I don’t know about you, but when I hear someone’s voice, I always have a vision of what they look like. Well, apparently I’m not the only one, because a group of scientists have developed an AI that does the same thing. He. She Reconstructs your image based on your voiceAnd while it’s kind of scary, I think it’s also pretty cool.

9. AI-captured images show what late rock stars would look like if they were still alive today

Growing up on classic rock, it has always remained my favorite genre. However, I always felt a little sad that I would never get the chance to see some of my music heroes live, like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon or Freddie Mercury. But thanks AI and This interesting project by Albert YeseltasAt least I can see what they would look like if they lived long enough to be old. To me, this is a very moving series of images and a good example of how AI-generated images can be used in a good way.

10. This is how those annoying AI selfies were made, and now you can too

Text-to-image generators and other AI tools seem to have become widely available overnight. So, Udi played with an interesting tool called Dreambooth and created some terrifying AI selfies. In this article, It gives you step-by-step instructions if you want to create your own. And you can also check it This article is from Alex See MyHeritage’s “AI Time Machine” and how it sees you in different periods of history.

Little honor

We can’t go without mentioning some of the cool, scary, and interesting things that people have created with AI. Some paparazzi They recreated their work Using text-to-image generators. Some people turned lyric And the kids stories in the pictures. And some imagine things that never existed, eg These crazy looking cameras.

It turned Pink Floyd’s lyrics into an image. Can you guess the song? (Hint: it works the wall album)

Megaportraits turns your photos into frighteningly deepfakes videos: This is one of those types of AI-generated content that terrifies me, like those talking panels in Harry Potter. I guess there’s just something about talking about paintings that makes me feel uncomfortable…but I admit they’re still pretty epic and they made an impression on me, so I had to include them.

Stock images of AI-generated humans are available for licensing for the first time: This is one of the breakthroughs in the AI ​​generated content industry. It’s not in my top ten simply because there are stories that I personally preferred – but it had to be mentioned.

Is your life boring? No problem, fake it with AI like this guy didHere’s another example of how AI-generated work can be used for the bad. While I’m sure Kyle Furbach I only did it as a social experiment, it’s a scary reminderHow easy it is to fake everything nowadays…and it became easier. So, keep your mind and critical thinking sharp and don’t compare yourself to others and their lives on social media – they are now more fake than ever.

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