Toppan develops an AI system that enables multiple robots to recognize people

Toppan develops an AI system that enables multiple robots to recognize people

TobanThe technology company specializing in communications, security, packaging, decoration materials and electronics solutions developed TransBots, a digital duplex solution for connecting physical spaces with real-time virtual reality reconstruction and centrally managing and controlling multiple types of service bots.

As a new function, Toppan has now developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that allows multiple animated robots to identify people whose photos have been preloaded.

This person recognition function was verified through a pilot test where images sent from bots at different locations within the event space were analyzed and collected in the cloud using an AI engine.

It was possible to identify specific people from camera images sent by different types of bots and perform a cloud-based confirmation. Testing has also shown that people can be located using the positioning of bots on TransBots.

Toppan aims to contribute to a fulfilling and sustainable society by employing TransBots and other solutions that drive the application of digital twins in diverse areas, such as security, customer analysis, routing, transportation, and cleaning.

Going forward, Toppan intends to help mitigate labor shortages and transform business processes by strengthening collaboration with robot manufacturers, optimizing the multifunctional controller for service robots and TransBotsā„¢, and enabling multiple use cases.

An aging society and a declining birth rate in Japan contribute to a labor shortage, which is becoming severe in security, cleaning and other areas of the facilities management industry.

Robotics and IT are seen as part of the solution, and specialized robots are introduced to perform tasks such as reception work and cleaning. However, managing bots is complex because multiple different types need to be controlled.

Security cameras and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices are used to manage buildings such as hospitals and complexes as well as to manage entry to exhibitions and concerts.

But limitations on the range that can be monitored by people and security cameras mean that bots are expected to play a larger role in the future.

Toppan’s TransBots are a digital duplex solution for centralized management and control of multiple types of robots. Operators can use a multi-function console to configure robot movement courses in a virtual space. The robots then move in real space according to the cycles to safely reach their predetermined destinations.

The bots can also determine their current location, detect obstacles, and speak to ensure the safety of people nearby. Using the virtual space to set up courses and control the robots means that tasks can be carried out remotely.

Toppan has now added AI-driven person recognition functionality to the TransBots controller. When people who were previously registered in the system enter a physical space, several animated robots can recognize them.

This is expected to have various applications, including remote management of hospitals and complexes and the management of large-scale events with restricted entry, such as exhibitions and concerts.

In addition to telepresence bots, TransBots can also be applied to a wide variety of service bots, such as bot actuators and mobile picking bots.

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