Torc Robotics and Schneider Announces Beta Release Further

Torc Robotics and Schneider Announces Beta Release Further

BLACKSBURG, VA, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Torc Robotics, a leader in the commercialization of autonomous vehicle technology, announced today that Schneider (NYSE: SNDR) and Torc are working to implement a pilot program using the Torc Fast Independent Test.

“Schneider is the undisputed leader in the industry,” said Michael Fleming, Torc founder and CEO. “Many of the trucking best practices and breakthroughs stem from Schneider’s forward-thinking approach. This relationship with Schneider is an important step for the operational development of our products as we continue to work toward seamless integration with the existing freight industry.”

As part of the agreement, Schneider will provide cargo loads for Torc pilots and unique truckload cargo insights that will help guide the continued development and marketing of autonomous trucks for long-range applications.

“We see great potential for Torc’s independent technology to improve shipping efficiencies while helping to reduce cost,” said Rob Reich, Executive Vice President and Senior Managing Director of Schneider. “Schneider looks forward to providing Torc with the necessary industrial and operational knowledge to maximize the potential of autonomous trucks.”

Torc recently announced the formation of its Torc Independent Advisory Board (TAAC), which includes major players in the shipping industry such as Schneider. The final agreement with Schneider will be multi-stage, starting from the initial exploration work that the companies have already completed. With Torc’s Test/Discover/Iterate approach, an initial assessment has been initiated to ensure that Torc’s systems meet the necessary requirements for Schneider and its customers. Next steps include system integration and experimental daily business operations throughout 2023 and beyond. The ultimate goal of this effort is to refine the product path to a usable, industry-oriented solution.

About Schneider

Schneider is the leading multimodal provider of transportation, multimedia and logistics services. Schneider offers one of the broadest portfolios in the industry, Schneider’s regional and long-range solutions include Truckload, Express, Dedicated, Bulk, Multimodal, Brokerage, Warehousing, Supply Chain ManagementAnd the Port Logistics and Logistics Consulting.

With annual revenues of $5.6 billion, Schneider has been safely delivering superior customer experiences and investing in innovation for more than 85 years. The company’s digital marketplace, Schneider FreightPower®, is revolutionizing the industry giving shippers access to a highly flexible and expanded capacity network and providing carriers unparalleled access to quality freight – always-delivery, always-forward.

For more information about Schneider, visit or follow the company socially on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: WeAreSchneider.

Source: Schneider SNDR

About Torc Robotics
Torc Robotics, headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, is an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, the world’s leading and pioneering trucking company. Founded in 2005 at the birth of the self-driving vehicle revolution, Torc has 17 years of experience pioneering self-driving and safety-critical applications. Torc offers a complete autonomous vehicle software and integration solution, currently focused on commercializing autonomous trucks for long-range applications in the United States, and Torc operates test facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and engineering offices in Austin, Texas, and Stuttgart, Germany. Torc’s mission is to save lives with autonomous technology, which includes reducing highway fatalities, enabling critical supplies – including medicine and food – to reach every community in a timely manner, and helping the transportation industry increase fuel economy, uptime and capacity.


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