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United States Wall Repair Products Market Forecast Report 2022-2027 includes key vendors

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The US wall repair products market is expected to grow $12.28 billion By 2027 from 9.33 billion US dollars In 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 4.69% over the forecast period.

Rapid industrialization and growing applications in the home and commercial segments are mainly driving the wall repair products market. These repair products are primarily used in the residential sector since residential construction in the United States is drywall. Rigid drywall, however, is indestructible. Over time, gypsum board walls can develop unsightly cracks or holes. Fortunately, drywall is easily repairable. Therefore, drywall residential construction is expected to drive demand for wall repair products in the United States

market trends

Growing DIY activities for repair and restoration

The demand for DIY wall repair for home modification projects such as patching large or small wall holes, repairing damp walls, and many more is increasing in the United States due to the improvement of living standards of middle-class residents who are looking for improved home spaces wall reinforcement repair products in the United States

Consumers in the residential sector often undertake repairs and promotion activities that improve their skills and prove to be cost effective. Moreover, department stores, supermarkets and other specialty stores such as Home Depot are offering more DIY projects and driving the DIY wall repair products market, ultimately driving the wall repair products industry.

Growing home renovation industry in the United States

The home renovation industry is growing in the United States, which has led to increased sales of building materials, appliances, and other home improvement items. In addition, rental housing is a rising trend in the United States, which creates opportunities for home remodeling and renovation. The walls are the backbone of the building. Any damage to the walls can cause further structural damage.

The demand for their renovation is high, which increases the need for wall repair products. As the existing residential space industry matures, new construction in the housing sector is still struggling in the United States, which has led to increased demand for the maintenance and improvement of existing properties and increased market share of American wall repair products.

Market challenges

Shortage of labor and materials

At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift in demand for goods from services kept Americans home and stressed supply chains. The virus has also disrupted manufacturers and suppliers, leading to shortages of raw materials across industries. Currently, construction projects in the United States are understaffed, and this is becoming difficult day by day.

The employment mismatch in the US construction industry is likely to persist due to structural shifts in the labor industry. The link between employment and unemployment has disappeared from historical trends. increasing shortages of labor and materials; The shortage of skilled labor is expected to hamper the target industry because wall repair requires skilled labor.

Sector analysis

The drywall segment captured the largest market share for wall repair products in the United States with 83.02% in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.53% during the forecast period. One of the most common drywall is gypsum board. in North AmaricaThe drywall tradition began in the mid-1920s to save labor and time costs for plaster and lath. Drywall is installed on the interior sides of walls and ceilings.

The Wet Products segment is expected to be the largest in the US wall repair products market. Wet products are further categorized into fillers, joint compound, caulking, and others, and dry products include patches, tapes, and others. The Spackle segment is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.89% during the forecast period. Spackle is ideal for minor drywall repairs and usually comes in small containers. Spackle is slightly more expensive than combined compound.

The residential end user is the largest segment among other segments of the US wall repair products market. The residential sector is expected to witness a significant increase in the wall repair products segment due to the increase in the construction of homes and new buildings. A big trend that has increased the demand for wall repair products is the growth of the DIY business.

geographical analysis

Increasing economic development, growth in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and demand for innovative wall repair products has contributed to the growth of the wall repair products market in the United States.

The US Southern region was the largest wall repair products industry in 2021. The region is expected to maintain its position over the forecast period. The South of the United States holds a large share in the US wall repair products market due to having the largest population base, which has led to an increase in the number of residential units and growth in the real estate, tourism and hospitality sectors.

The number of construction activities in both the residential and commercial sectors has increased dramatically across many of the growing cities in the United State, more than 40% of which are single-family apartments. Many single-family dwellings refer to more homes being built with more requirements for repair products from both the industrial and residential sectors.

Texas It is the second largest state in the country in terms of population and area. The total population is estimated at 29 million home units, which is expected to support the demand for wall repair products in the United States.

The Western Region commands a significant share of the wall repair products market in the United States due to increased disposable income, excellent growth potential in several end-user industries, and a growing number of DIY projects. The western region consists of developed and rapidly growing countries such as ColoradoAnd the WyomingAnd the Montanaand more are essential hubs for many end-user industries.

Competitive scene

The US wall repair products market is highly competitive due to many multinational companies.

The current scenario is driving vendors to change and revise their unique value propositions to achieve a strong presence in the industry. Major vendors are also constantly competing for the leading position in the industry, with occasional competition coming from other local vendors. The industry is characterized by diverse global and regional vendors.

With the increasing presence of international players in the industry, regional vendors are likely to find it increasingly difficult to compete with these global players. Competition will be based solely on durability, technology, services, price and customization. 15:00And Red Devil, PPG Industries and Saint Gobain are the leading players in the market.

Major Winning Necessities in the American Wall Repair Products Market:

  • One of the most important drivers of wall repair products is the DIY culture. Vendors are also committed to further innovation and product development in the market.

  • Mergers and acquisitions can be a common market strategy in the industry.

  • Urban population growth coupled with increasing demand for aesthetically improved materials in building structure is likely to support the growth of drywall in the region.

Major sellers

  • 15:00

  • DAP

  • red devil

  • PPG Industries

  • Saint Joban

Other notable sellers

Main topics covered:

1 Research methodology

2 research objectives

3 search process

4 Scope and Coverage
4.1 Market definition
4.2 base year
4.3 Scope of the study
4.4 Market segmentation

5 Assumptions and caveats report
5.1 Key Warnings
5.2 Currency Conversion
5.3 Market Derivation

6 A quick look at the market

7 distinct insights
7.1 Market Overview
7.2 Market Trends
7.3 Market Drivers
7.4 Market Challenges
7.5 Sectoral Review
7.6 Company and Strategies

8 Introduction
8.1 Overview
8.2 The Covid-19 scenario
8.3 Construction Insights
8.4 The growing timber construction industry
8.5 Drywall Overview
8.5.1 Drywall
8.5.2 Types of drywall
8.5.3 Drywall Benefits
8.5.4 Comparison of drywall and brick wall
8.6 Economic and demographic analysis
8.6.1 Population
8.6.2 Income
8.6.3 Generational and age trends
8.6.4 Racial/ethnic trends

9 Market opportunities and trends
9.1 Growing DIY activities for repair and restoration
9.2 New building materials and technologies
9.3 New Product Development Opportunity

10 factors of market growth
10.1 Increase in disposable income
10.2 US Home Renovation Market Growth
10.3 Climatic damage to buildings

11 market restrictions
11.1 Shortage of labor and materials
11.2 Not suitable for significant structural damage

12 view of the market
12.1 Market Overview
12.2 Market size and forecasts
12.3 Five Forces Analysis

13 wall type
13.1 Market Capture and Growth Driver
13.2 Market Overview
13.3 drywall
13.4 bricks
13.5 wood
another 13.6

14 product type
14.1 Market Capture and Growth Driver
14.2 Market Overview

15 wet products
15.1 Market Capture and Growth Driver
15.2 Market Overview
15.2.1 Market size and forecasts
15.3 Spackle
15.4 Joint Compound
15.5 cd
another 15.6

16 dry products
16.1 Market Capture and Growth Driver
16.2 Market Overview
16.3 Correction
16.4 bars
another 16.5

17 end user
17.1 Market Capture and Growth Driver
17.2 Market Overview
17.3 residential
17.4 Commercial and industrial

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