Kallie Kee is in her first year of bowling but has already thrown her first 500 series, the 521st in 225th, 162nd and 134th games at the Dixie Bowl in St. George.

Utah native Kali Key goes from rodeo queen to success in the bowling alleys

Kallie Kee is only halfway into her first bowling season and is already showing flashes of real scoring ability.

And it did with a series of strikes in the Dixie Bowl as it navigated the lanes for the first-ever 500 and 200 game series.

135 average, she started the league with 134, followed by some impressive backup pitching in 162 attempts, and then, fueled by a 6-Bagger, she hit in 225 games on her way to a Series 521.

And on a related note, literally a few days before rolling her 521, she ditched an 11-pound bowling ball for a new 14-pound bowling ball purchased from Dave Myers at the Dixie Pro Shop. And just as she credits her mom for much of her success on the rodeo circuit, she also credits Myers for the 500 Series for some teaching advice and outstanding drilling efforts on her new bowling ball.

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