Verdant Robotics raises $46.5 million to reduce agricultural chemicals and improve farm profits

Verdant Robotics raises $46.5 million to reduce agricultural chemicals and improve farm profits

The multitasking autonomous robot offers simultaneous solutions that go beyond weeding

Hayward, Calif. – News Direct – Verdant Robotics

green robots announced the closing of Series A funding of $46.5 million to scale its advanced robotic technology and accelerate broad adoption of its renewable and precision solutions. A major investor Cleveland Street And join him DCVC BioAnd the future projectsAnd the SeaX projects And all existing investors, incl Autotec projectsAnd the Cavallo VenturesAnd the AgFundermaking this series one of the largest investments in the field of agricultural robots to date.

Verdant’s Robotics-As-A-Service (RaaS) business is in high demand, actively serving a variety of specialty crops on thousands of acres with pending orders for tens of thousands of additional acres. This investment allows Verdant to rapidly scale its fleet while developing next-generation products that significantly increase RaaS efficiency. Verdant’s self-propelled, multi-action platform is the only robot in the US market that can simultaneously weed, fertilize and treat for pests and diseases – all while collecting data on each plant allowing growers to make key decisions in real time.

Verdant expands its robot-as-a-service farming fleet

“Increasingly, consumers are demanding food that does the trifecta good for me, my community, and the planet,” said Don Thompson, founder and CEO of Cleveland Avenue, LLC. “Verdant delivers the next-level accuracy that farmers – and our global food supply – need to meet these demands, not just in the next 20 years but the next five.”

Robot-As-A-Service expands access and reduces the technological burden on farmers

From its inception, Verdant’s mission has been to work alongside farmers to solve their biggest challenge of the future – agricultural labor shortages – all while ensuring that the robotic solution enables more farmers to access renewable and accurate practices that support soil health, water conservation, and carbon sequestration. Nutrient-dense crops. Engineered by a global team of roboticists, Verdant’s combination of automation, deep learning, machine vision, and sub-millimeter accuracy has garnered industry attention for its ability to solve multiple problems facing agriculture.

“Verdant’s ultra-fine spray platform is here today—adding new value while doing more with less,” said Gabe Sibley, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Verdant. green robots. “At Verdant, we believe that a huge opportunity requires a huge effort that only robots can offer to farm.”

Globalism Autonomous agricultural robots The market is expected to reach $10.5 billion in 2027, at a compound annual growth rate of 19 percent during the forecast period 2022-2027; Driven by the growing need for accurate, digital and smart farming practices to meet food and sustainability requirements.

“Autonomous cars and dancing robots may grab headlines, but there is no more impactful area of ​​application of robotics, automation and machine learning than agriculture. Growing bountiful foods in sustainable ways is the greatest challenge of our generation and the founding principle behind Verdant Robotics,” said Sibley.

About Verdant Robotics

Together with farmers, we build sustainable, high-precision farming: spatially, temporally and physically, working the farm with unprecedented accuracy, precision, frequency and scale. At Verdant, we believe green robotic farming is the future of farming. Our goal is to change the way food is grown while improving the lives of farmers, workers and rural communities. By digitizing the farm on a sub-millimeter scale, cataloging it and taking actions that unlock new value, we provide our customers with the ultimate farming tools. To find out more, visit And we followed linkedin And the Twitter.

About Cleveland Avenue, LLC

Founded by Don Thompson, former President and CEO of McDonald’s, Cleveland Avenue is a Chicago-based venture capital firm that invests in consumer brands and technology companies that are positively disrupting large and growing markets. Learn more about Cleveland Street at And we followed Twitter, linkedinAnd the Instagram.

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