Werner Enterprises and Kodiak Robotics collaborate to power long-distance, 24/7 self-charging operations

Werner Enterprises and Kodiak Robotics collaborate to power long-distance, 24/7 self-charging operations

Mountain view, California. And the Omaha, Neb.And the September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Kodiak Robotics, Inc.Today, the leader in self-driving trucking has announced its collaboration with Werner ProjectsLtd., one of the largest transportation and logistics providers in the country, to create an autonomous truck lane and to demonstrate how efficient autonomous trucks can be with the truck port transport hub model. The relationship began in August with a week-long pilot program in which the Kodiak truck, accompanied by an all-time human safety driver, completed four rides that included eight unique trips between Dallas And the Lake City, Florida. Werner Enterprises has also joined the Kodiak Partner Deployment Program, which helps carriers create independent freight operations and seamlessly integrate Kodiak Driver, Kodiak’s autonomous driving system, into their fleet.

“Working with Kodiak allows us to efficiently integrate new technologies into our business while giving us a competitive advantage,” said Werner’s Senior Vice President, Van/Expedited. Chad Dittburner. “We are dedicated to creating the hybrid model for continuous autonomous drivers and lanes to create unparalleled new levels of efficiency while remaining focused on Werner’s value of prioritizing safety.”

During its test run with Werner, the Kodiak completed a total of 152 hours of driving time and achieved a 100 percent on-time delivery performance. Werner had trailers ready for his Kodiak self-driving truck to pick up at both ends of the trip. Local Werner drivers completed first-mile pickups and last-mile deliveries. This Truckport model increases the amount of time a Kodiak driver spends driving.

He said, “Werner’s vision of integrating autonomous trucks into their future operations demonstrates a fundamental understanding of where autonomous technology fits within the trucking industry.” Don BurnettFounder and CEO of Kodiak Corporation. “The Kodiak Driver is designed to take on often unwanted highway portions of long-distance lanes, allowing drivers to handle deliveries that allow them to sleep in their own beds at night. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Werner and offering new permanent lanes. together “.

The joint effort with Werner Enterprises is the latest carrier relationship announced by Kodiak. Earlier this year, the company announced partnerships with US ExpressAnd the 10 Express Ways And the CEVA Logistics.

About Kodiak Robotics, Inc.

Kodiak Robotics, Inc. was founded. in 2018 to develop independent technology that moves freight forward – so that people, partners, and the planet can thrive. The company is developing an industry-leading technology stack specifically designed for long-distance trucks, making the freight industry safer and more efficient.. Kodiak’s unique modular hardware approach integrates sensors into a simplified sensor architecture that improves perception, scalability and maintainability. The company delivers freight to its customers along six routes in Texas And the Oklahoma, operates independently on highway portions of roads. Learn more about Kodiak on the web at kodiak.aiand on LinkedIn And the Twitter. You can find the company’s press file over here.

About Werner Institutions

Werner Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: WERNA) provides superior truckload and logistics services to customers via United StateAnd the Mexico And the Canada. With 2021 revenue from $2.7 billionWith a modern, industry-leading fleet of trucks and trailers, over 14,000 talented colleagues and innovative Werner EDGE technology, we are an essential solutions provider to customers who value the integrity of their supply chain and require safe, exceptional, on-time service. Werner offers customized and one-way trucking services as well as logistics services that include truckload brokerage, freight management, multimedia and final mileage. As an industry leader, Werner is strongly committed to promoting sustainability and supporting diversity, equality and inclusion.

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