When to make it yourself and when to call a professional if the boiler has broken

When to make it yourself and when to call a professional if the boiler has broken

There is nothing worse than a flashing kettle with low temperatures outside.

But according to the consumer hero Which?The first port of call should be your boiler’s guide to see what the problem might be and if you can fix it yourself before you panic about the potential cost. The guide can be a line of knowledge and will explain error codes for the most common problems to help you make a decision.

If in doubt, remember that the majority of serious boiler malfunctions are difficult for the average person to diagnose, and if you are not a heating specialist, you should never attempt any repair that involves removing the boiler casing. Doing so is dangerous and voids any warranty you may have on the kettle.

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However, two of the three most common boiler faults can be dealt with by a competent professional builder and do not always require the attention of an expensive heating engineer.

The boiler is losing pressure

If the boiler is losing pressure, this could be one of the few things but it is most likely either a leak, the system has lost pressure because you just bled the radiators, or the heating has been off for too long and you lost pressure. You can repress your system yourself by opening the fill ring spigots in your boiler until you reach your desired pressure, which is usually about one bar. Once this is done, remember to close both taps and the boiler should start working again. However, if your boiler is constantly losing pressure, you should have it checked by a trained engineer.

Frozen boiler condensing tube

When there is a sudden cold, it is common for the frozen condensing tube – the tube on an outside wall of the boiler – to stop the boiler from running. It is not a technical defect in the boiler but if the condensing tube freezes, the boiler will shut itself down for safety reasons. Before incurring an expensive recall fee from an engineer, always make sure to check that the condensing tube is not the problem. Always make sure the capacitors are properly insulated with foam to prevent them from freezing in the first place.

Water leaking from the boiler

If you have water leaking from your boiler, this is likely from old and corroded washers, and it is the duty of a professional to open the boiler and replace it for you. Although it’s tempting to do it yourself, faulty boilers can leak carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly.

According to the NHS, carbon monoxide poisoning kills about 60 people a year in England and Wales each year. Signs of a boiler carbon dioxide leak can include dark, dull staining around it, or a sudden increase in the amount of condensation inside your windows. You should get a carbon monoxide detector and annual service is also essential to make sure your boiler stays safe.

While frozen condensate pipes, water leaks and boiler pressure drops are relatively common, there are a lot of specific technical errors that can occur with your boiler.

When a part breaks and needs repair, you will need a heating engineer to purchase and do the repair for you. heating power The following may post estimates of many of the major faults common in your boiler. The numbers are only an estimate and can change depending on the model, brand, type of boiler, central heating system and what heating engineers charge.

replacement fan: £225

replacement pump: 250 GBP

Circuit board (PCB) replacement: £350

Alternative exchange: £500

replacement thermostat: £180

Replacement timer: £100

Alternative chimney: £150

Alternative burner: 275 pounds sterling.

If an unexpected boiler repair will put a strain on your household budget, it may be worth considering boiler insurance such as British Gas or HomeServe. Prices start at around £20 a month, including annual service, and can protect you against any big bills as parts and labor are paid for in the event a boiler fails. Check out a comparison site like www.moneysupermarket.co.uk Find out which company offers you the best deal.

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