Will Gen Z's passion for decoration help them kick their addiction to fast fashion?

Will Gen Z’s passion for decoration help them kick their addiction to fast fashion?

Popular with younger consumers, DIY could be a useful alternative to help them slow down their fast fashion consumption in 2023.

DrDespite the growing influx of criticism it has faced for several years, fast fashion continues to be one of the economic driving forces of the fashion industry. However, it may run into more difficulties in 2023. Faced with the climate crisis, fast fashion’s number one target, Generation Z, could begin to turn away from it in greater numbers, in favor of a more creative – and budget – friendly – practice, ‘do-it-yourself’. , while showing continued growth since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

Generation Z often expresses its concern and commitment to climate-related issues. But Gen Zs are also the top demographic that sets the standard in speedy fashion. It’s a paradox that’s been around for several years, but may fade in 2023. Numerous sustainable alternatives, including used clothing and recycling, are gradually luring these consumers away from low-cost clothing, whose heavy environmental and human impact is regularly identified. At a time when good decisions are in vogue, the younger generations seem determined to change for good.

Make your own, a combination of creativity and affordability

Almost a year ago, the survey results were uneven: the younger generations couldn’t choose between fast fashion and second-hand fashion. And it’s an observation that has continued to strengthen over recent months, with a boom in second-hand purchases on the one hand, and on the other, fast fashion, which isn’t quite out of fashion, but is still going strong as the central driving force in the fashion industry. The used items market could reach $77 billion in 2026, compared to $36 billion in 2021, according to data revealed by Thredup; At the same time, fast fashion is still the most popular model all over the world. Polluted yet popular, fast fashion appeals to young consumers who, until recently, found the lure of low prices and the possibility of endlessly updating their wardrobe irresistible.

But with the growing number of controversies, investigations revealing scandals, and exhibitions about fast fashion’s impact on the environment becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, young consumers seem eager to kick this very addiction. A practice as old as time can help them in this process. DIY – “do it yourself” – is now one of the most popular sustainable alternatives among Generation Z, who plan to use it en masse starting in 2023. Here’s what the 2023 Trend Report produced by Instagram, *in partnership with WGSN, reveals, Making Fashion DIY is one of the main tools for young people looking for alternatives to fast fashion.

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Over 500 million views

According to a survey conducted for this report, more than half of Gen Z respondents based in the United States plan to manufacture their own clothing in 2023. A practice that appeals to their creativity, while also being beneficial to their wallets. Especially since the DIY tutorials are now in the thousands on social networks. And although DIY is nothing new, on the contrary, it is as old as time itself, it has become increasingly popular since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and has been such a hit with young fashionistas that it becomes the main focus on TikTok.

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